Terms & Conditions:  Last updated 5/21/2019

You are entering into an agreement between you (the client) and Purple Wall Media. (the company) for the purposes of receiving local SEO services for your business.


No long term contracts. This means you can cancel at anytime by providing at least 30 days prior notice.  Upon receiving your cancellation notice, Purple Wall Media will cease all optimization efforts on your campaign and will remove your business from all of our partner publisher sites.  Upon cancelling Purple Wall will no longer access any of your web properties to include your Google My Business listing and your website.


You (the client) agree to save your credit card information upon making your initial setup fee payment.

Upon signing up and selecting your local SEO package, Purple Wall Media will send you (the client) an invoice via email. Purple Wall Media uses Square, Inc. as the payment processor for all payments received from clients.

You (the client) will receive an invoice via email for your initial setup fee, and upon making the initial setup fee payment, you (the client) agree to save your card information on file.  You will see the “Save card information on file” option upon processing the initial setup fee invoice.  You agree that Purple Wall Media has permission to charge the initial setup fee plus the first month fee, and each monthly retainer fee there after via the credit card you submit for Purple Wall Media to keep on file.  The monthly retainer amount will be charged on a monthly (30 days) cycle and the amount charged each month will be based upon the local SEO package selected by you (the client).


You (the client) agree that there are no refund policies.  This ‘no refund’ policy applies to both the setup fee and any and all monthly retainers paid by you (the client).

You agree not to hold Purple Wall Media legally liable for any specific ranking position in any search engine, drop in ranking position in any search engine, or any negative action taken against any of your (the client)’s web properties by any search engine or other entity such as competitors, 3rd party vendors, etc… these web properties include your Google My Business listing, business website, social media profiles, and any other web properties owned by you and your business (the client).

You agree and recognize that Purple Wall Media does not have direct access or inside information to any search engine algorithm trade secrets that can influence your rankings in any specific search engine.  You agree and recognize that Purple Wall Media is acting as a consultant for search engine optimization services and you (the client) are hiring Purple Wall Media for the purposes to help your business increase its ranking positions in search engines and increase the overall presence of your business on the web.

If you have any questions or concerns, or for general inquiries into the terms and conditions for Purple Wall Media. Please direct your inquires in writing to the following email:


Athens, Georgia 30605

United States